3-Shape Bracket Positioning

Digital indirect bonding with Ortho System™

Get all the benefits of indirect bonding using much less chair time and with fewer workflow steps. With 3-shape bracket positioning, your dentist can digitally place brackets using a PC and Ortho System add-ons to directly print transfer trays and eliminate the need for a model and vacuum press.

Reduce chair time and increase treatment efficiency
Take advantage of indirect bonding for better controlled bracket placement; and to reduce patient chair time by doing all the work digitally.  

  • Directly print transfer trays
  • Maximize contact between the bracket and tooth surface
  • Real-time collision detection tools
  • Precision positioning feedback

Discuss and edit treatments with cloud-based data sharing
Digitally discuss and share treatment proposals between lab and practice. Seamlessly share data using 3Shape Communicate™.

Take advantage of official bracket libraries from manufacturers
3Shape uses only the latest updated bracket libraries supplied by the manufacturer – no scanned libraries.

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